Espiritu Loci Incorporated is an Arizona based planning and development assistance firm that specializes in assisting people create spirited, one-of-a-kind settings for life. We increase land values for those with vision and bring vision where there is none. With a background in development, we take a broad array of variables into consideration during the design phase, including schedule and pro forma elements. We create incredible places to live, where residents are proud of their communities and clients return for repeat success.

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Our capabilities are broad so that we can offer flexible services. We achieve a high level of client satisfaction by executing our task skillfully. Our services include: vision, entitlements, master planning, neighborhood crafting, details and development assistance. We also take on community themeing, amenity and building programming, park architecture coordination, home builder coordination, overseeing government approval processes, pro forma and scheduling assistance, process charting, conceptual grading, site oriented design guidelines, architectural site response review, bridge and infrastructure design, sign packages, mixed use development planning and project coordination. Visit our Services section for a more detailed look at the services we provide.

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